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Satin/Silk on bedding: why switching for this type of product?

Satin, your hair and skin's bestfriend!

Firstly, yes, satin/silk is very good for the hair and the skin. Hairstylists, trichologists and dermatologists highly recommend to sleep on satin/silk as part of your hair regimen for optimal growth and for your skin care.
Being directly on the bedding, it helps to keep your hair protected and moisturised especially through the night. Indeed, cotton creates friction with the hair which absorbs the hair natural moisture and oils which increases hair breakage. In contrary, since satin is a smooth material it enables to avoid this friction and helps to keep hair natural moisture and oils which reduces hair breakage.
Therefore, by being directly on the bedding, there is no need to wear a scarf or a night cap/bonnet when you sleep.
Yes no hassle, no inconvenience. Free your hair while you sleep. The simple definition of being asleep is granted, being in a state of sleep in all serenity!
On top of that, it is also very good for the skin. Its texture is gentler for your skin than cotton and helps prevent wrinkles and acne by reducing the appearance of bumps and blackheads.
A real beauty sleep remedy!