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About us

Protect your hair. Protect your crown.

I've always been frustrated with satin scarf and bonnet. Never really liked them but I used them since I was young as it is mandatory to protect your hair. But a morning in 2016, I was a bit more fed up than usual. Again (!) seeing my scarf at another part of my bed and not on my head, I thought 'if only the satin was on the pillowcase that could be so simple'. This frustration is not only mine but also my family and friends. In 2017, a conversation with my sister struck me. I learnt that she was really struggling to keep my 2 years old niece's beautiful kinky hair protected with a satin scarf or bonnet. How can a scarf stay on a head of a sleeping 2 years old baby? No chance... So I just tell her 'Just imagine the satin was directly on the fitted bed sheet, no need of the scarf for her'. Again it was just a thought, but this thought with encouragement and confirmation led me to literally take a leap of faith and go on the journey of creating TAD Crown.  

Not knowing anything about business, finance and entrepreneurship and even less about the world of bedding and I felt unqualified for it. But I decided to walk in faith and be led by God in this new venture. It took load of work, hours, prototypes, failures, researches, feedbacks to get TAD Crown off the ground.

TAD Crown stands for my crown but also your own crown of hair, the crown of glory that we all should protect and take care of it. For this purpose, I desire to give to you all princes, princesses, kings and queens, a solution to do so with no challenges, a perfect alternative of the satin scarf and bonnet for your afro, locs, frizzy and curly hair. 

The design of fitted bed sheets and pillowcases with the satin helps to keep your hair protected and moisturised through the night. Indeed, in comparison to cotton that creates friction with the hair, absorbs the hair natural moisture and oils which increases hair breakage, satin is a smooth material that enables to avoid this friction and help to maintain hair natural moisture and oils which reduce hair breakage. Therefore, there is no need to wear a scarf or a night cap/bonnet. For babies and toddlers, it is directly on the fitted bed sheets and for adults on the pillowcases, for all genders (again, we all have hair).

TAD-a! No hassle, no slipping, no risk of suffocation, no worries of the scarf/night cap falling off, no headache with scarf too tight.

Sleep peacefully!