Regarding COVID-19

As we know, the Covid-19 spread has been a global health concern and has now had an impact on our day-to-day life. Make sure to wash your hands, stay at home (go out only when necessary), drink plenty of water, eat properly, pray, reflect, meditate, relax and STAY POSITIVE! Do not hesitate to check out the government website for more information.
And while we hope and pray this will calm down quickly, this will affect the way that we will process your orders.

Orders: To ensure the safety of the delivery courier and our customers, we will handle your orders with a high standard of safety and hygiene. The packaging and handling of the products will done with washed, sanitized hands wearing gloves.

Delivery: As there is an effect on the courier process, the delivery time might take longer than expect. However, as per usual, we will send you a dispatch email with the tracking number.

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Satin/Silk on bedding: why switching for this type of product?

Satin/Silk on bedding: why switching for this type of product?

The benefits of satin bedding products.
New format, new colour and Pink October!

New format, new colour and Pink October!

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TAD Crown in Black'in magazine.

TAD Crown in Black'in magazine.



Simple to order on the online shop, speed delivery and product aligned with my expextations. I highly recommend these pillowcases to those (he and she) who wants to take care of the hair."

E. G.

Having cutting my hair, my silk-lined bonnet is now too big and falls off in the night during sleep. I've been sleeping on my new TAD Crown pillowcase for nearly a week now. It feels wonderfully luxurious and I must admit that is liberating to sleep without having to tie my head!"

Olivia P.

The bedsheets are amazing. I washed it several times and the satin kept its quality.
The customer service, same thing. I received the products quite quickly and the follow-up was great."

C. B.

Loving the pillowcase and my hair agrees with it!

I. O.

My daughter and I have short hair so the satin bonnet doesn't stay on our heads. So I opted for your satin pillowcase. Results are no more hair breakage and th hair remains moisturised during the night!

V. L.

No hassle!


Satin pillowcase

Protecting your hair

Satin Pillowcase

No scarf or night bonnet required

Bed fitted sheet

Hairstyle kept for your children